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Celestial Intervention Agency Internal Report

Classified Most Secret

CIA Directorate Level Only

From: Lord Castranaranelunsiedar, C.I.A. Field Operations

To: Celestial Intervention Agency Directorate

Subject: The Badonicus Incident

My Lords, on your instructions, I have reviewed the circumstances the Badonicus Incident and its aftermath, and I now present my preliminary findings. On my own initiative, I have widened my investigation to include the recent disappearance and presumed death of the Lord Argalenavaradnyaran of the House of Wintershard, for reasons which I trust will become clear in my report.

As your Lordships will be aware, the Incident was the unhappy consequence of a routine field expedition authorised by the Academy History Faculty. Lord Theogothflorrupsalumdruvano of the House of Farshore, Lord Darsilltharpyxonarthzelatrel of the House of Silvermaze, and Lady Salvaldplorobiapar of the House of Goldmist, were studying the society of the human colony world of Badonicus in the later stages of the Earth (Sol III, in Mutter's Spiral) Empire. Lord Aricyperkaireneshalikretes of the House of Wintershard, colloquially known as Lord Cypher, accompanied their expedition in the capacity of pilot and technical specialist.

Regrettably, we were unaware of the presence, on Badonicus, of a human criminal organisation which was conducting experiments in time travel. This group of murderous miscreants, who style themselves the "Alexandrian Society", specialised in the acquisition of historical artifacts and objects d'art. They had, by means unknown, obtained a damaged Osiran time corridor generator which they were attempting to repair.

Their scientific and technological knowledge was thankfully too primitive to allow them to attain this goal, but their experiments, crude though they were, gave them sufficient understanding of temporal technology to detect and trace the research team's TARDIS. In a surprise attack, they captured both the research team and their TARDIS, and attempted to coerce them into divulging the secrets of time travel. I should note that their methods were neither sophisticated nor gentle, and Lady Salvald was forced to regenerate as a result of their ministrations.

Through a subterfuge, Lord Cypher destroyed the Osiran time portal, but was himself dragged through it as it overloaded and burned out. He was transported to the city of London, on Earth, relative temporal co-ordinates 86491-Alpha-oblique-117 - 1923 A.D., according to the calendar of the indigenous primitives inhabiting the city.

Unfortunately, Lord Theogoth and Lord Darsill then agreed to assist the Alexandrian Society in the construction of a primitive temporal vehicle, in order to spare Lady Salvald from further torture. Their design was based on a crude application of Vortex Manipulator technology, and was only capable of transporting up to a dozen humanoid life-forms or an equivalent quantity of cargo. The Alexandrian Society had promised to release them once the project was completed; instead, somewhat predictably, it used the first of the prototype time machines to kidnap them from Badonicus, no doubt intending to force them to refine the design in some more distant time and place, where Gallifreyan rescue teams would be unable to locate them.

Here, my Lords, we enter the realm of hearsay and speculation. According to Lord Cypher's own account, the Alexandrian Society pursued him to London, using one of their new time machines. Lord Cypher, however, had allied himself with a quasi-official indigenous conspiratorial organisation known as "Torchwood". With Torchwood's assistance, he was able to capture the Alexandrian Society's agents, interrogate them to discover the current space/time location of the research team, and then use their time machine to effect a rescue. Lord Cypher received some public acclaim for this feat on his return to Gallifrey, and was inducted into the C.I.A. as a covert operative shortly thereafter.

To explain my doubts concerning the veracity of this account, I must now turn my attention to the second subject of my inquiries, the disappearance and alleged death of Lord Cypher's younger brother, Lord Argalenavaradnyaran of the House of Wintershard. As your Lordships may recall, Lord Galen was a newly graduated Academy student at the time of the Sontaran invasion of Gallifrey. He led a group of his fellow students to break out of the Academy and steal a decomissioned Type 49 TARDIS, which they used to seize a large quantity of weapons and explosives from the Sontaran flagship, employing a spacial overlap manoeuvre literally to carve the ship's armoury out of its superstructure.

Lord Galen had intended to arm one of the Outsider tribes with the stolen Sontaran weapons, and then lead them in a pitched battle to retake the Citadel. Although it was reckless, and with the potential to cause great damage and loss of life, our subsequent Matrix projections suggest a better than 80% chance that the plan would have succeeded. The point is, of course, moot; by the time that Galen and his impromptu army had reached the Citadel, the Doctor had already defeated the invasion.

Your Lordships have doubtless heard the claims that were made, during Lord Galen's subsequent trial for reckless endangerment of innocent life and unauthorised operation of a TT Capsule, that his "real crime" was to have embarrased the High Council by taking decisive and effective action against the invaders, when they had failed to do so. This is, of course, untrue; his real crimes were reckless endangerment of innocent life and unauthorised operation of a TT Capsule, and he was undeniably guilty of them. It is worth noting, however, that his sentence of exile for one thousand years was unusually harsh, given the mitigating circumstances, and also that many of the most vocal advocates of his punishment were close political associates of ex-Castellan Kelner. The Agency itself took the view that the sentence was a waste of his considerable talents, which was why, following his trial, I was assigned to recruit him as an agent and deniable asset.

Sadly, Lord Galen proved perfectly capable of escaping his sentence without our help, as he demonstrated by hijacking the TARDIS which was carrying him into exile. During his escape, he claimed to both to myself and Lord Tominabrenavisendaresh that he was attempting to reach the planet Ahranedril, a major interstellar transport hub. Instead, as you know, he crashed our TARDIS on the planet Radiir, attempted to flee into the wilderness, and quickly perished in a plasma bombardment from an orbiting Sontaran battle station.

It was of course understandable that the official investigation concluded that both events were accidents. However, my Lords, I have been unable to account for the Type 49 which Galen stole to my own satisfaction. The Matrix records list it as decomissioned and dismantled in the wake of Galen's raid on the Sontaran cruiser, but a careful audit of those records indicates that they were input using Presidential authorisation codes. Moreover, those same codes have been used to lock access to the Type 49's artron signature; if it is still operational, we cannot track it through the Matrix unless the current Lord President authorises the removal of the lock.

I believe that the Doctor, in one of the final acts of his Presidency, falsified the records listing the stolen TARDIS as decomissioned. While I admit I have no solid proof, I also believe that Galen crashed on Radiir deliberately, knowing that "his" TARDIS awaited him there, and that he used it to escape the orbital bombardment which supposedly killed him. It is suggestive that so many of the sensors which could have proved or disproved such a hypothesis were "accidentally" disabled during his hijack of our own TARDIS.

Venturing further into the realms of speculation - but not, I think, unreasonably - I believe that it was Galen who rescued his brother from Earth, and helped him to defeat the Alexandrian Society. In my opinion, Lord Cypher is presently in contact, and probably in alliance, with his younger brother.

I acknowledge, however, that I have no evidence of this. Nor, at this time, do I believe that it is in the best interests of the Agency to seek such evidence. Lord Cypher is a key element in our ongoing operation to contain and ultimately neutralise the Alexandrian Society. If he has his brother's assistance in that endeavour, it does not serve our purposes to deprive him of it.

Moreover, there are political sensitivities to be considered. Some factions within the High Council regard Lord Galen as a political embarrasment. Were they to suspect that he were still alive, they would put pressure on the Agency to prioritise his recapture, forcing us to divert resources from more immediate and urgent threats.

My recommendation, therefore, is that no further action be taken at this time, and that Lord Cypher and Lord Galen be allowed to continue their presumed covert alliance - for as long as it suits our purposes.

Lord Castranaranelunsiedar

Lord Castranaranelunsiedar

Senior Field Operative